Bespoke Protec Towing Cover Was 165.00

Bespoke Protec Towing Cover Was 165.00


WAS £165.00


The Protec Front Towing Cover is available as a  Tailored Towing Cover.  The Tailored Towing Cover has been developed to suit the new caravan shapes such as the new shapes from Bailey, Swift, Sterling, Eldiss, Buccanner.  


Protec Covers are the original innovators of the front towing cover, we have honed the ultimate cover with unique copyrighted design. No other cover protects your caravan like a Protec Caravan Cover, quality guaranteed.


The Protec Front Towing Cover protects against: 


•Stone chips


•Dirt and insects and flies


•Black exhaust marks


•Road grime 


The Towing Cover is a 3 part cover with 2 pieces that easily slide into the awning channels.  The centre piece of the cover then clips into the hard wearing easy release buckles.


The Protec Towing Cover meets all requirements for front lights, the Fitted Towing Covers come with built in clear panels and the standard Protec Towing Protector comes with an easy DIY kit. The present legal requirements for light panels are still not clear, however, here at Protec Covers we take that extra step meaning that you will be protected under the law and by your insurer.


Why Choose a Pro-Tec Towing Cover?


Front Light Panels as standard (DIY kit for Generic Towing Covers)


All Pro-Tec Towing Covers come with double reinforced, auto-adjustable A-Frame flaps, to insure an even tighter fit.


Our Towing Protectors come with 16 REINFORCED straps (8 on each side)


Extra velcro strips for an extra snug fit


There are no raw edges on our covers insuring that they will not damage your caravan.


The Standard Towing Cover comes in 3 alternate widths to meet ever changing caravan shapes

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