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There are many differences from country to country about the regulations you must follow when towing a caravan or driving a motorhome and we always recommend to check before you travel however we have included a rough guide to touring abroad below.

High Visibility Jacket - Most EU countries will require you to wear a high vis jacket and it is common to find it illegal to alight from your vehicle before putting your jacket on. This is a must have when going to Spain, France or Italy.

Warning Triangle - Nearly all EU countries require at least 1 warning triangle to be displayed and in coutries such as Spain you require 2.

First Aid Kit - This is not only recommended for many countries when towing but it is a must for anyone who likes to stay prepared as the next shop or chemist may not be for miles.

Spares - It is always a good idea to keep spares with you when travelling abroad as they can be difficult to source. An extra set of bulbs and fuses are handy (and required by law in some countries) as well as a spare wheel just in case. In Spain you must also remember your spare set of glasses because you cannot tow without them.

We suggest making sure your vehicle is serviced before embarking on a new adventure so you don't run in to any unexpected problems but if you do you can always call Waudbys as we send spares all over the world asap.