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1 - All water remaining in the container should be disposed of so that the container is empty.

2 - The outside of the container should be thoroughly cleansed and washed down to remove any dirt, dust or other contaminant.

3 - Water should be put into the container, swirled around, then emptied out.

4 - The container should be totally filled with water containing an appropriate disinfectant/sterilant (puriclean is ideal!)solution and allow to stand for the recommended contact time.

5 - The solution should be emptied from the container.

6 - The opening of the container should be cleaned thoroughly.

7 - The container must be filled with mains water only and mains water only should be used for the above cleaning procedure.

8 - On NO account should garden hoses be used to fill water tanks. MUST be food grade pipe!

1 - Drain down the system. (open all taps to allow air in, enabling the system to drain quickly.)

2 - Remove any water filters fitted.

3 - Fill the system by using the pump with Puriclean - Check that the solution at full strength appears at all taps/showers.
Allow to stand for the recommended period of time.

4 - Drain the system down completely.

5 - Thoroughly clean the outside of all taps and connectors with a cloth soaked in puriclean.

6 - Flush the system through with clean drinkin water until no traces of Puriclean can be detected at any tap.