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There are a couple of things to think about when storing your caravan: exterior protection, interior protection and security.

Many of our customers choose to purchase a cover for their caravan. These are an excellent choice as it not only allows the caravan to breath which avoids condensation but it also protects it from stains, marks and general abuse from the weather. We always recommend giving your caravan a clean before putting a cover on as any dirt or residue can cause marks if the cover rubs against the caravan.

If you choose to store your caravan without a cover the best thing that you can do is to clean it using a product such as Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner and then use an Overwintering product. An Overwintering product will give your Caravan a coating which will repel dirt and black streaks and make it easier to clean ready for your next season on the road.

We also recommend using winter vent covers for your fridge to stop rain entering exterior vent points. We keep both Thetford and Dometic / Electrolux covers in stock which can be found on the majority of UK Caravans.

Once you have decided how to protect the exterior of your caravan it’s time to move to the interior.

Start by checking cupboards and fridges and removing anything that is perishable or may attract pests. Once you have done this we normally suggest standing cushions up to allow air to circulate around them. Put a couple of moisture absorbers around your caravan to help remove condensation and you are almost done. Lastly check you have switched items off and unhooked your battery where needed to avoid draining your system or battery down unnecessarily.

Your final job before tucking your caravan away for winter is to make sure that it is secure. Check that your security devices such as Hitchlocks, Wheel Clamps and trackers are in full working order and attached correctly. If you have a tracker fitted to your caravan make sure you maintain your battery at all times by keeping it charged and topped up with distilled water if required.


There are many other tips and pieces of advice you may hear from other caravanners but these are our basic tips and they will help keep your caravan snug as a bug this winter.