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1 : NEVER leave water in the caravan pipes over the winter, find the drainage point positions from your caravan handbook (there could be more than one) and ALWAYS drain both the hot and cold water systems.

2 : Leave the kitchen, washroom and shower taps in the open position. If possible try to take off the spouts as this will help to prevent frost damage to them.

3 : Remove the filter and clean around the inlet port.

4 : Unscrew the showerhead and lower it to below the inlet point to drain any excess water from the feed pipe.

5 : Ensure that all waste water has drained away and that the cap is in place to prevent creepy crawlies climbing in.

6 : To take care of your upholstery, remove all bedding, cushions and pillows and if you can, store them in your home. Remove the seats and back cushions and place them, end on and in the centre walkway of the caravan.

7 : Open internal doors and cupboards to give plenty of circulating air.

8 : If you remove your leisure battery, store it in a dry place. Recharge the battery every 5-6 weeks.

9 : Check gas appliances and bottles are all turned off.

10 : Remember-Butane gas begins to freeze at tempretures below 4degC. You will need to use propane instead.

11 : Having your caravan shut up for a long period may generate moisture in the atmosphere inside. Position dehumidifierss in the main area and washroom will help to absorb excess moisture..(these can be found on the Consumables section of our website)

12 : Consider having your caravan serviced during the wintertime, this is when workshops tend to be less busy.

REMEMBER.....Whatever jobs you do before the wintertime, the easier it will be to prepare your caravan at the beginning of next season.