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Awnings can appear very confusing as there are so many types and styles at first glance but if you use the following tips you should find the experience much more enjoyable.

Before you even think about buying we always advise you to sit down and make a list of requirements you need from your awning. Think about the following points:

-Will you be using it in all seasons?

-How big does it need to be? For example will you need an extra sleeping area or are you planning to cook and eat inside of it.

-Weight limitations.

-Budget. Buying a large or small awning for 'just in case' situations can often cause much expense. Think about it's uses and then decide whether it is worth splashing out or whether you will be replacing you caravan/motorhome in the near future, if so is it worth it?


Once you have decided what requirements you need you will be better prepared to look at the range of awnings out there. We always ask customers to look at the following points to make sure they are happy with the awning before purchase. 

-Measure your caravan/motorhome. We ALWAYS recommend that you measure both the height and length of the caravan/motorhome as well as taking the 'A' measurement. The 'A' measurement is taken on an even surface, from the ground, through the awning rail and back to the ground again. This should be taken in cm. Also remember to measure the straightest part of your awning rail incase you decide to purchase a porch awning.

-If you are looking at buying a porch awning remember to look at the distance between windows and the doors as many porches will obstruct windows etc due to the length.

-If you can, visit a local dealer who stocks the awning your interested in. It is always important to ensure you are completley happy with your choice before splashing out and a quick trip to see the awning can put your mind at ease or help make the decision for you.

We strongly suggest you take all measurements by hand as once you have bought your awning we cannot exchange it for another size or model in case of error. Although many owners manuals give awning sizes we advise not to order based on this as we have personally found some to be incorrect.