Elegance/Elite/Conqueror Pro-tec Towing Jacket

Bespoke Towing Jacket suitable for 2015-17 Sterling Continental, 2016-18 Swift Elegance, 2016-18 Sterling Elite and 2016-17 Swift Conqueror.

The Pro-Tec Towing Jacket has been designed to protect the front of your caravan whilst in transit. 

The Pro-tec Twoing Jacket protects against:

- Stone chips

- Dirt and insects

- Black exhaust marks

- Road Grime 

The Towing Jacket is a unique 2-piece construction. Each two halves slide up into the awning channels and simply zip together in the middle. Trials have revealed that the Towing Jacket can easily be fitted by one person in under a minute. 


- Front light panels as standard.

- Gas Locker Box, Grab Handle and Front Window access. 

- Double thickness bottom panels- where the majority of stone impacts may occur. 

- Specifically tailoured for the above caravans. 

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