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Lantern & Insect Killer

This is the excellent Quest lantern and insect killer. It can be used just as a great hanging lantern, or as an effective insect killer, or both at once the choice is yours. You have septa control over the ultraviolet LED used for the insect killer and the extra bright SMD LED light. The lantern contains a premium quality lithium polymer 2000mH rechargeable battery which means you can use the lantern wirelessly at night, recharge it during the day and use it again the next freeing you up from trailing wires, simply hang the lantern where you want and turn it in. The light can be used at three different levels (20%, 50% and 100%), allowing you to change the light level and increase the battery life if required.The light is recharged via a standard micro USB connection (not supplied) and only takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge, even when fully drained. It is rainproof, so it can used outside and is easy clean by running it under a tap to remove any debris or dirt.

USB re-chargeable
Insect killer
Extra bright LED
Wireless - does not need to be plugged in
Easy to clean
Inside and outside use
2000mH rechargeable battery
Built in180 Lumens light
3 Light settings : 20% (30 Lumens) , 50% (90 Lumens), 100% (180 Lumens)
Hanging hook
Ultraviolet LED
Charging indicator

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