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NEW - Quest Windshield expert Pro

The Windshield Pro Expert
The Windshield Pro is not your ordinary windbreak, it is a premium windbreak system. This system takes your windbreak to a whole new level of strength, stability and usability.
Firstly it is modular, so it can be extended to any size. You can cannot as many main units together, or add single additional panels to your main unit. You can also add a door (or as many doors as you want) to the system, you can even add a canopy to the system and the latest addition are dog bars that can be added to your system to increase the strength of your windbreak, but also to add a solid bar across the bottom of your Windshield to help stop dogs from getting underneath them. Thanks to it's patented frame system it is also stronger and more stable than standard windbreaks and it doesn't use any guylines at all.

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