Thetford Aqua Rinse Toilet  Flush Chemical

Thetford Aqua Rinse Toilet Flush Chemical



For use in mobile toilets

  • Additive for the fresh water tank
  • Keeps the flush water fresh
  • Provides a more effective flush
  • It's powerful action keeps the tank fresh and clean
  • Leaves protective film in the toilet bowl
  • Prevents hard water stains
  • Plesant lavender smell




What toilet fluids do I need for my portable or caravan toilet?


There are many fluids on the market now for your leisure toilet but they all work to the same principal. Portable and fixed leisure toilets require a fluid in the waste tank to dissolve all of the waste and one to put in the fresh water tank to clean the bowl and make it smell fresh. The cassette fluid is usually blue or green (green is normally better for those with allergies such as Asthma) and the bowl fluid is normally pink. There are now fluids on the market such as One Chem which can be used for both purposes but it is personal preference which brands and fluids you use



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