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Sometimes it can be a struggle to think of things to do around a campsite, especially if there isn't really much going on in the way of entertainment, which is why we came up with a list of ways to keep your little ones occupied.

Here's our Top Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained Around The Campsite


1. Set Up A Treasure Hunt

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So, you've finally bought your first caravan, brilliant! Exciting times... a completely blank canvas to add some personality and create a beautiful cosy home away from home. Just like with a new house, a few small changes here and there, will get your caravan feeling like a home in no time, and we are here to help, with our top ways to make your caravan more homely.


1. Accessorize

Add some beautiful accessories to match your interior. Introduce some beautiful cushions and throws to the sofa, bring your bedding from home for the bedroom, and add in a lamp or rug to the living area. (Just make sure that all accessories are affixed or stored securely whilst on the move!)


2. Awnings

Add an awning onto your caravan to add extra space. It will act as a conservatory which will give a more homely feel, and it will give you a safe place to watch the rain fall or admire the view. It's also the ideal place for outdoor dining or for the children to play.


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Published: 02/01/2018

Caravan Towing Guide

The thought of towing a caravan may be daunting for a beginner. It is important to know your stuff before towing a caravan, to ensure that you are both safe and legal on the road. We have put together some helpful information to guide you when towing a caravan.



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Autumn is just around the corner with its beautiful colours and stunning scenery. Despite the fact that the days are now getting shorter and the nights increasingly colder (and wet), it doesn't mean that you have to wait until summer to go caravanning again!

Plus, modern caravans are equipped with state-of-the-art heating and insulation systems which have turned caravanning into something that you can do at any time of the year.



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Summer is a perfect time for camping, people are going on their summer holidays and the festival season is in full flow. Time to pack your tent and enjoy the summer sun. When packing for a camping trip it can be difficult to know what you need without over packing. We have stripped back our camping essentials checklist to include some items that are more compact and easier to take to festivals. We have hand picked items we feel will make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Tent
The number one essential and pretty obvious item is a tent. We recommend choosing a tent with a higher berth than the people staying in it i.e. for 4 people choose a 5 berth tent or higher. Always have a test run of putting up your tent before your trip, to get yourself familiar with the tent and to check you have enough tent pegs.

2. Sleeping Bag
A cosy sleeping bag is one of the key essentials when camping to make sure you get a good nights sleep ready for the next days adventures.


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