Summer is a perfect time for camping, people are going on their summer holidays and the festival season is in full flow. Time to pack your tent and enjoy the summer sun. When packing for a camping trip it can be difficult to know what you need without over packing. We have stripped back our camping essentials checklist to include some items that are more compact and easier to take to festivals. We have hand picked items we feel will make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Tent
The number one essential and pretty obvious item is a tent. We recommend choosing a tent with a higher berth than the people staying in it i.e. for 4 people choose a 5 berth tent or higher. Always have a test run of putting up your tent before your trip, to get yourself familiar with the tent and to check you have enough tent pegs.

2. Sleeping Bag
A cosy sleeping bag is one of the key essentials when camping to make sure you get a good nights sleep ready for the next days adventures.


3. Water Bottle
It is important to keep hydrated, whether your are dancing away at a festival or going on a long walk in the countryside you will need to keep your fluids up.

4. Cool Bag
When out and about on your summer holiday it is always handy to have a cool bag containing snacks to keep your energy up. Cool bags are also excellent for festival goers to keep drinks and food fresh and cool for longer.


5. Camping Chair
There are a wide range of lightweight and comfortable camping chairs available to help you kick back and relax on your holiday.

6. Torch
Whether you are finding your way back to your tent or telling late night ghost stories a torch is a great tool to have nearby.

7. A Waterproof
As our weather is unpredictable it's not a bad idea to take a waterproof jacket. Most waterproofs are light and breathable, which is ideal for days with mixed weather. You'd hate to miss your favourite band because of an unexpected down pour.


8. Wind break
A wind break provides you with shade and shelter from the weather. It can also provide privacy to help create your own space, ideal for when you're relaxing on the campsite or beach. If you are considering taking a wind break to a festival check the festival website for any restrictions on items.

9. Rucksack
Rucksacks usually have padding and support to help make it more comfortable carrying all your essentials.

10. First Aid Kit
Packing a small first aid kit with plasters, antibacterial gel, pain relief, wet wipes, sun lotion etc. will be a saviour when out and about.

We feel being prepared is important and it will help you to relax knowing you have the equipment needed for unpredicted events. If you have any recommended essentials we welcome you to add them in the comments.