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Published: 02/01/2018

Caravan Towing Guide

The thought of towing a caravan may be daunting for a beginner. It is important to know your stuff before towing a caravan, to ensure that you are both safe and legal on the road. We have put together some helpful information to guide you when towing a caravan.

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Published: 28/04/2017

The Benefits of Caravanning

Some people may think caravanning is not an activity they would be interested in and that it is an old fashioned and less luxurious way to travel. We are here to unveil some of the joys of caravanning that we feel make it an excellent way to holiday.

More for your money
One of the biggest benefits of having a caravan is the cost. The initial outlay may be costly, but trust us you will get value for your money. There are many different caravans available new and 2nd hand to suit any budget. A caravanning holiday cuts expensive flight and hotel costs out of the picture, most caravan sites are reasonably priced and have a variety of facilities for you to enjoy. Caravan sites costs per person are significantly less than hotels so if you are holidaying with the family the savings are remarkable. Joining the caravan club also gives you many benefits including discounts on certified sites to save you a little extra. Caravanning is great way to save on family holidays there are lots of free activities to enjoy with your children.

Not as basic as you think
You may think when you go caravanning you only have basic facilities. Most modern caravans are now fitted with many luxuries such as a radio, cooker, microwave, shower, heating, TV aerial, fridge and much more to help you feel at home. You can also buy extras for your caravan such as awnings and storage to give you a little more room to unwind. Most campsites have great facilities for you to enjoy too so caravanning is not slumming it by any means.

Home away from home
Caravans are like taking a miniature version of your home with you on your travels. You can decorate your caravan however you like and add home comforts to help you relax. Decorating your caravan in your style with personal touches will make you feel more settled on holiday. You can take items like your slippers and your children can take their favourite toys, things that you wouldn't usually pack when staying in a hotel.

Explore the world
Having a caravan gives you the freedom to travel from place to place fairly easily. There are a wide range of caravan sites in the UK whether you are looking to explore historical landmarks or experience new adventures there will be a campsite to welcome you. You may not know but you can go abroad with your caravan too. Hop on a ferry or the channel tunnel and Europe is yours to explore. There are many helpful websites that will give you information about sites abroad and all the documentation you will need. This is a great way to travel see the sites of Europe and see scenery you may not get to see when going on a plane.

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When caravan season arrives, the last thing you want is to find your van in a state. But if you leave it all year round without caring for it properly, that's exactly what will happen.

Most of us can't stand the thought of cleaning, but it's an important part of being a caravan owner. It will give you a welcoming dwelling for your holiday, and it'll also mean your caravan lasts longer.

This guide will give you some top tips for cleaning your caravan inside and out, ensuring it's always gleaming and looking as good as new.


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Every caravan owner looks forward to this time of the year – it's officially caravan season!

You may have just enjoyed a long weekend away for the first Bank Holiday of the year or you may be getting geared up for a few days by the seaside during the Easter school holidays. As the sun starts to shine and caravan season draws upon us, it's time to get prepped and ready to hook the van up and get on the road for your next adventures.

With two more Bank Holidays in May, followed by the whole summer, you may want to get away from the stresses of work and every day life even more than usual this year. And we have everything you need to ensure your trips go smoothly and you have everything you need.

The evenings are longer now that the clocks have gone back, meaning you have more daylight to enjoy your caravan or motor home – but have you de-wintered it and given it its annual deep clean ready for all the plans you have in place?

Preparation is key to a successful touring season, so we wanted to run through a checklist of things to do to ensure your caravan is at its best after being in winter storage for the last few months...

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